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In a Galaxy Not So Far Away....

...actually in the Blount Lobby at 15 'til midnight, Jarrod Bowman(Hall Director) came running through the lobby being chased by Kim Davis(Junior Fellow) who was wielding two light sabers. Ah the Lobby. That point of singularity for all progress (or loss thereof). Then shouts came from the front lawn. Hark! Tis a duel! of Blount proportions! Jarrod the Blue against Kim the White! And soon reinforcements came to Jarrod's aid. Or did they? Trey of Blue joined in the fray, and soon it was every Jedi for himself. All residents in earshot, in view, from all corners and floors of the building came to their windows or journeyed to the lawn for the epic battle. And it rages on still, all worthy Blountees partaking of the sport...

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